Rhino Charges At Lion To Protect Its Baby

Wild cats, especially lions, in the wild are a force to reckon with. They have been hailed for long as the sole contenders to the title of the king of the jungle. But that does not mean that other species cannot overpower them. In a video shared by ViralHog, we see an interesting confrontation between a lioness and some rhinos. The video titled ‘Rhino Charges Lion To Protect Young’ was shot on the premises of Kruger National Park, South Africa, on August 24, 2021. Spectators waited to watch what looked like a failed pursuit by the lioness.
The video shows a lioness looking at a rhinoceros and its young one only a few feet away. Soon, the lioness takes a step ahead and walks into the wild grass. As soon as she steps nearer, the rhinos charge at her. The rhinos, which looked bigger and heftier than the lioness, are able to drive her away. The lioness moves away while the rhinos keep walking.

The caption read, “While on a game drive in Kruger National Park, South Africa, we watched as a pride of lions passed by a white rhino and her baby. When one lioness showed too much interest in the rhinos, they charged her and she ran up the hill.” That’s quite a rhino power, isn’t it?

Within a few hours of being uploaded, the 54-second video clip was viewed by over 1.5k people. Over 100 people have already liked it and two have also commented on the video.

One user wrote, “Rhino is probably still ‘charging’ as nothing happened.”

The other user made an observation, “No single creature can go against a Rhino.” But he soon added, “Well, maybe man.”

A couple of months ago, another incident showed us a similar instinctive ability of a mother to protect their young ones. A 38-second-long video on Twitter showed a mother hen putting up a brave fight against the snake, which had approached her litter of chicks. From using her beak to wings and claws, the mother hen did everything to scare the snake and save the newly-hatched birds.

Before that, last year, another video went viral of a mother bear protecting her two cubs from a pack of wolves. The incident that took place at the Yellowstone National Park in the US showed the mother bear standing up on her hind legs to intimidate the wolves. Finally, through sheer grit and determination, she chased away the wolves.