Tom Cruise’s BMW Stolen During Filming Of ‘Mission: Impossible 7’

Actor Tom Cruise was in for a rude shock during the filming of his successful action franchise Mission: Impossible 7 when he was informed that his car was stolen. The Hollywood superstar’s BMW was stolen along with luggage worth several thousands of pounds present inside it. The luxury car, a BMW X7, was reportedly stolen from outside Birmingham’s Grand Hotel, while the actor was shooting for the film. Though the car has since been recovered, the incident left the actor angered when he heard about it. The theft came to light when the actor’s bodyguard noticed that the vehicle had disappeared from its parking space on Wednesday.
The 59-year-old was described to be “hopping mad” after he was informed about the crime. According to a report by The Sun, the criminals made away with the car using a scanner to clone the signal from the luxury car’s keyless ignition fob. The vehicle was parked outside a Birmingham hotel at the time of theft.

Quoting an unnamed source, the British tabloid said that Mr Cruise had been driven around in the car while he was in Birmingham due to which some of his ­luggage and belongings were inside the vehicle at the time of theft.

The source added that the police were able to recover the vehicle because it was equipped with an electronic tracking device. However, Mr Cruise’s belongings that were present inside were stolen and have not been recovered yet. “It’s a huge embarrassment for the security team and the guy who had been driving it was hopping mad — but not as mad as Tom,” the source said.

As per reports, the actor was earlier spotted shooting scenes for the film with actress Hayley Atwell at a Birmingham shopping centre. Parts of the mall were shut from Sunday to Wednesday to allow the shooting to take place, BBC reported. Pictures of the actor visiting an Indian restaurant owned by singer Asha Bhonsle also went viral on social media recently.

With the pandemic already having played spoilsport and halted shooting schedules of the film previously, we hope Tom Cruise and the Mission: Impossible 7 team have smooth sailing for the remainder of their schedule.